Marketing Your Face

Source: VentureBeat, Aug 2012

Facial detection technology is making it feasible to do real-time measurement and analysis of ads in the physical world and predict the products you will want to buy, based on who you are or what you look like.

Vending machines have been making a high-tech resurgence, selling everything from iPods to high-end cupcakes – some now include cameras that are analyzing your face. Facial detection technology can enable a machine to present a customer with items they would typically purchase based on their physical characteristics. Kraft and Adidas use this to recommend macaroni recipes to busy mothers and walking shoes to older shoppers.

In Japan, machines using this technology have had three times the amount of sales than the non-interactive style. Taiwanese researchers have developed machines able to determine a person’s complexion, use of make-up, or frequency of shaving in order to recommend razors and beauty products they are statistically more likely to buy.


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