2012 NYC Fashion Week through Diane von Furstenberg’s Eyes/Google Glass

Source: Fast Company Design, Sep 2012

as for von Furstenberg, who was she to complain about the Google-backed cameo? “I felt completely free and totally unaware that I was filming or being recorded,” she tells Co.Design. “It therefore feels very true and intimate.”


Don’t be surprised to see many Glass documentaries unfold through the eyes of increasingly large tastemakers and celebrities. Watch an NFL game through the eyes of a quarterback, or a rock concert from the perspective of the lead singer. It’s a deal that will work for everyone.

Celebrities develop an intimate, online media presence that dwarfs the fidelity of Twitter, promoted by the most connected company in the world. Google makes Glass cool. (Though, if I may be so bold, Glass could still use a line of designer frames.)

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