Acting on Your Behalf

Source: TechCrunch, Sep 2012

After meticulously analyzing virtually every aspect of his digital life since 1989, Stephen Wolfram noticed something: “The more routine I can make the basic practical aspects of my life, the more I am able to be energetic — and spontaneous — about intellectual and other things.”

In The Future, Computers Will Act On Our Behalf

Your computer will only be able to reliably and automatically act on your behalf when it has the context to know what you really want. Sarah Perez has been asking for it, and Robert Scoble has been writing about how our mobile devices, and the new technology built into them, are ushering in a third age of human-computer interaction. Soon, Scoble says, we’ll have a device that “saves us from clicking on the screen,” that will provide the contextual data that actually improves day-to-day experiences:

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