Publishers Partner with Film Companies to Meet Entertainment Needs

Source: The Bookseller website, Dec 2012

While Amazon is a “dominant” player, a “fantastic partner for publishers”, they now also have Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo—”who have done such an extraordinary job”—and Google, which Redmayne predicted would be “a serious player in the e-book market in the next couple of years”.

However publishers need to step up and own innovation and creativity on the new devices, he warned, emphasising that developing big brands and harnessing fanbases were crucial.

Redmayne recommended that publishers and film companies “get together and merge rights”, saying they need to “work with all rights-holders to create products across platforms.” Doing that had enabled Pottermore to harness a 14m-strong fanbase, he said. He cited as an example the Book of Spells augmented reality experience on Playstation 3, which Redmayne said is “building a content proposition that will help extend and build the Harry Potter brand for many years”. He concluded: “Digital opportunity is not just about e-books; it’s about driving creativity around storytelling on these new platforms.”

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