EU Eyewear Market: US$32.5B

Source: TechCrunch, Dec 2012

The combined company will give Prescription Eyewear a much more international footprint — the deal will mean that now more than 60% of sales will come from outside of GlassesDirect’s UK home market. And it says it will make it Europe’s largest online glasses e-commerce company, not just in terms of revenues but also users: 2012 will close off with 8.2 million unique visitors across 100 countries and sites in 12 languages. Actual customer numbers, though, are a bit smaller: 750,000 in total, shipping 2,000 pairs of eyewear daily.

Taking just Europe alone, there is a lot of potential for growth. The eyewear market is worth $32.5 billion in the region, but only 3-4% of that is online, with many still wedded to the idea of combing through dozens of styles in physical stores. But with bellwether verticals like fashion continuing to grow and thrive on the internet, Prescription Eyewear is confident to ID a “€3-4 billion opportunity” in the European market in the next three to five years.

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