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The Retail Buying Experience

Source: The Business Insider, Jan 2013

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Only 3% of all Eyewear purchased Online = 2 million pairs

Source: The Daily, Oct 2012

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Rapid Prototyping Google Glass

Source: Ted-Ed, Nov 2012

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Google Glass Faces 3 Challenges

Source: Business Insider, Jan 2013 It could easily be overpriced. If you want to buy a very fancy pair of designer glasses, you could easily spend $300-$500. Google needs to aim right in this price range (and not much higher) to … Continue reading

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Funding Advice

Source: Venturebeat, Jan 2013

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Content: Narrative, Learning and Illustration

Source: Digital Book World website, Jan 2013 The narrative industry produces stories delivered as written words. This encompasses more than just fiction, including a wide swath of non-fiction as well. Any book that is intended to be read for enjoyment from … Continue reading

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Mindmeld: Voice-driven information processing

Source: Techcrunch, Jan 2013 MindMeld provides a running stream of information relevant to the conversation at hand by monitoring a user’s physical location and online social activity, as well as quietly listening to the goings-on. If that sounds tough, well, … Continue reading

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