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The Retail Buying Experience

Source: The Business Insider, Jan 2013

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Only 3% of all Eyewear purchased Online = 2 million pairs

Source: The Daily, Oct 2012

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Rapid Prototyping Google Glass

Source: Ted-Ed, Nov 2012

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Google Glass Faces 3 Challenges

Source: Business Insider, Jan 2013 It could easily be overpriced. If you want to buy a very fancy pair of designer glasses, you could easily spend $300-$500. Google needs to aim right in this price range (and not much higher) to … Continue reading

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Funding Advice

Source: Venturebeat, Jan 2013

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Content: Narrative, Learning and Illustration

Source: Digital Book World website, Jan 2013 The narrative industry produces stories delivered as written words. This encompasses more than just fiction, including a wide swath of non-fiction as well. Any book that is intended to be read for enjoyment from … Continue reading

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Mindmeld: Voice-driven information processing

Source: Techcrunch, Jan 2013 MindMeld provides a running stream of information relevant to the conversation at hand by monitoring a user’s physical location and online social activity, as well as quietly listening to the goings-on. If that sounds tough, well, … Continue reading

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Wearables Market: $1.5B by 2014

Source: TechCrunch, Jan 2013 In a new report the analyst predicts the market will grow from 15 million smart wearable device sales in 2013 to almost 70 million in 2017. (For a little perspective, the number of smartphones in use globally exceeded … Continue reading

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Big Data in Databases

Source: TechCrunch, Jan 2013 Ayasdi aims to automate the insight discovery process, allowing end users to find valuable intelligence within massive datasets almost instantaneously. Research firm IDC recently predicted that the Big Data market is poised for exponential growth over … Continue reading

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Insights, Information, Data

Source:: TechCrunch, Nov 2012 There are three criteria for information to provide valuable insights: Interpretability Relevance Novelty

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