Judea Pearl Interview

Source: Stephen Ibaraki website, Apr 2012

I suggested that the mind probably neglects the presence of loops and instructs each neuron or each module or each variable to be activated and to send messages as if it was part of a singly connected network. Namely, as if it was part of a loopless network, a network miraculously will. It changed the whole ball game and gave…and produced a result that are much faster than what one would theoretically anticipate.

And it became a tool, a software tool, for anybody who is dealing with uncertainty to be able to update beliefs in response to observations and in response to different knowledge, to updated knowledge, and to get the correct belief, reveal at reasonable times and using a reasonable amount of storage.

That explains why the beneficiaries of these techniques are so widely spread, from machine learning to natural language processing, vision, robotics, and so on. All these areas must deal with noisy environment, noisy observations, noisy data.

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