Mindmeld: Voice-driven information processing

Source: Techcrunch, Jan 2013

MindMeld provides a running stream of information relevant to the conversation at hand by monitoring a user’s physical location and online social activity, as well as quietly listening to the goings-on.

If that sounds tough, well, you don’t know that half of it. The work begins well before Nuance’s voice recognition tech enters the picture — Expect Labs’s system works by continually listening to a conversation in progress and analyzing the raw sound data and segmenting it into little chunks. Those sound chunks that the system believes contains relevant information are then passed along to Nuance, which converts the input into text to be used as search queries.

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Tim Tuttle, founder and CEO of Expect Labs, recently gave me a demo of the voice-only MindMeld app in a crowded room, and it worked surprisingly well.

“Our application analyzes and understands the last 10 minutes of your conversation to predict the information you may need in the next 10 seconds,” Tuttle told me. “We call this ‘continuous predictive modeling,’ and in some cases, it can find relevant information as you talk before you even need to ask for it.”

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