3D Printing and Visual Searches

Source: PSFK, Feb 2013

Where do you see the future of fashion technology in a year? 5 years? 

Two trends I’m seeing that are quite interesting and growing very rapidly, it’s 3-D printing and visual searches. 3-D printing, we know that in the past 10 years it’s been used for machine parts, for airplanes, and now in the past couple years it became jewelry, metal. We see keys, we see rings being printed. In fashion, what’s happening now, it’s fabrics. And I think they’re going to go to hardware – the buttons, the zippers, and consequently more and more of this manufacturing comes back to the U.S., because it’s very complex manufacturing.

Another innovation that could alter fashion and retail is augmented reality, as a powerful sales tool and not just a marketing stunt. So, AR-enabled catalogues would allow consumers to visualize items such as handbags and shoes in 3-D and give them a 360 view of any item, which will increases sales.

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