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Culture Matters: Netflix and HubSpot

Source: Slideshare, date indeterminate Click on the images for the source presentations

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Ads (?) via Google Glass

Source: Business Insider, Mar 2013 In five years, we could see every NFL coach wearing Google Glass, popping up a selection of plays with Glass, and letting Glass record and analyze each play as it happens. Bill Belichick would become the Terminator. … Continue reading

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Virtual Tryon of Eyewear @ Bloomingdales

Source: PSFK, Apr 2012 Giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘window shopping,’ Bloomingdale’s has replaced its traditional window displays with interactive sunglasses shops. Now, instead of merely looking at sunglasses in a window, passerbys can virtually try them on.

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Intel/Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall

Source:  PSFK, Mar 2013 … the adiVERSE Footwear Wall, powered by Intel technology, allows shoppers to see up to 8,000 shoe styles in 3D through touchscreens so they can find the one just right for them. … the wall brings the … Continue reading

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Google Glass Competitors

Source: Business Insider, Mar 2013 At South by South West Interactive, former Tonchidot CEO—probably best known for inventing augmented reality camera app Sekai—unveiled a prototype for his new wearable computing device, Telepathy One. Telepathy One connects wirelessly with both smartphones … Continue reading

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Prescription Solution for Google Glass

Source: Project Glass website, Mar 2013 One of the questions we hear the most is whether there will be a prescription solution for Glass. The short answer is: yes! The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to … Continue reading

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Google Glass is a Game-Changer

Source: The Next Web, Mar 2013 Glass is the next step along this transition. It is the fad after this fad. Google is skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it is now. Unfortunately, being on the cutting edge like … Continue reading

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Online Learning for Specialized Skills

Source: NYTimes, Mar 2013 … online learning companies have carved out a lucrative niche in courses on design, photography and other creative pursuits. CreativeLive, and others have tapped into an audience of customers who are highly motivated to hone skills that … Continue reading

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Culture Matters

Source: On Startups website,  Mar 2013

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Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace

Source: WSJ, Mar 2013 As Big Data becomes a fixture of office life, companies are turning to tracking devices to gather real-time information on how teams of employees work and interact. Sensors, worn on lanyards or placed on office furniture, … Continue reading

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