Baidu Does Baidu Eye

Source: VentureBeat, Apr 2013

According to Chinese news agency, China’s leading search engine Baidu is working on a Google Glass variant called Baidu Eye. The project is reportedly led by the company’s chief product designer, and was initiated “years ago.”

Currently in prototype, Baidu Eye includes voice recognition technology similar to Google Glass, image recognition of objects in the wearer’s field of view, and bone conduction technology for communicating to its user via spoken words. In addition, the device uses a liquid crystal display to transmit visual information.

Baidu Eye is said to include visual recognition technology which can “recognize human faces, books, buildings” and also gestures which the wearer him or herself makes, allowing users to control the device via motions that trigger the camera, or photo-sharing. Somewhat fancifully, the device is also said to be able to help police find suspects “if the technology is smooth.”

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