Kno: Transforming Education

Source: Business Insider, Apr 2013

BI: What’s your value proposition to publishers?

OR: Today we actually have every major publisher as a content partner. So we’ve been able to make a great value proposition to them. At our company, we fundamentally think about the user experience from the student perspective. When you break it down, the student wants all of their content in one place and a consistent user experience, rather than going to every individual publisher’s website. So the fact that we took the technology and we made a great user experience really helped the publishers see that this is a product students like.

So the publishers saw the value. It’s a combination of technology, user experience, ease of use, working with the publishers. If the publisher has 10,000 books, trying to digitize and trying to do all of these things by themselves could take years to do. If they give it to Kno within a few days it’s all done because of the technology we put together. That’s where the value proposition comes in.

BI: What advice do you give to people trying to found a startup or change an industry?

OR: I think the core thing that we all focus on is, if you close your eyes, can you see see your user using your product clearly? When we think of it like that, we see the student sitting in their room with a tablet, trying to study. What kind of experience have we given them? Only then can you build a company around the core use case. This is exactly what we want to do. So my advice is, do you really know the what is the one thing you want to deliver? For us it’s a great user experience on education content.

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