3D Scanning of Face for 3D Virtual Try-Ons

Source: Venture Beat, Apr 2013

Glasses.com has introduced a cool new way to try on sunglasses without having actually having to try on sunglasses. The company has created a 3D-Virtual Try-On technology that captures your face in 3D graphics and then overlays glasses on your virtual face. It’s realistic enough that you can try on a huge collection of sunglasses without ever stepping into a store.

“We make a 3D model of your face,” said Jonathan Coon (pictured with his own virtual image), CEO of Glasses.com parent company 1-800 Contacts, in an interview with VentureBeat. “You can search for sunglasses and get lots of suggestions. Our goal is to make it more fun. We borrowed more from Hollywood special effects than augmented reality.”

Coon showed the app to me yesterday and scanned my face. The app captures your face by taking a series of photos. I had to stay still and turn my head slowly from side to side so that the iPad’s camera could capture my face from many angles. It then stitches the images together into a 3D rendering in a relatively short time. Once the company’s servers render your face, you can play around with it, swiping sideways to see the side of your face. Then you can try on different sunglasses, four at a time (mine is scanned above).

The iPad captures the images and then sends them over a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection to a data center. There, the images are processed and a 3D rendering is sent back to the iPad. That process takes maybe 30 seconds or so. Once you scan your face, it’s easy to try on new glasses.

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