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Google Glass can Transform Marketing

Source: Forbes, Jun 2013 Glass brings the precision of Internet advertising to the physical world. Imagine a Glass-clad consumer walking down the street, passing virtual coupons on storefronts. In theory, this person could see the faces of friends who like the store. … Continue reading

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Google Glass-comparable for athletes: $599

Source: VentureBeat, Jun 2013   The Vancouver, B.C.-based Recon Instruments, which created the first-ever heads-up display for sports in 2010, has launched the Recon Jet for preorders today. It’s essentially a rugged take on Google Glass with perfect balance that … Continue reading

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Shoes as Fashion Accessories

Source: NYtimes, Jun 2013 Shoes are an especially fetishized subject in fashion, but it is only since the late 1990s, not coincidentally at the start of the television series “Sex and the City,” that they have become what they are … Continue reading

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Algorithms Help White-Collar Work

Source: WSJ, Jun 2013 Data scientists are beginning to peer into work relationships, trying to identify patterns that can improve how employees collaborate with peers, manage sales relationships, or see how they stack up against colleagues. It is a nascent … Continue reading

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Security Implications of Cloud Computing

Source: RWW, Jun 2013 U.S. tech firms who have built their business on a free-flowing Internet just got a huge smack in the face. Leaked government documents seemed to reveal the existence of a top-secret program with the capability to … Continue reading

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Seeing & Reading with Vision Systems

Source: NYTimes, Jun 2013 … the OrCam device is a small camera worn in the style of Google Glass, connected by a thin cable to a portable computer designed to fit in the wearer’s pocket. The system clips on to … Continue reading

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Visually Matching Fashion Outfits to their Sources

Source: PSFK, Jun 2013 Users can take pictures of an outfit they like and upload it to the Snap Fashion app, which will trawl through retailer’s inventories to find the closest match.

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