Google Glass can Transform Marketing

Source: Forbes, Jun 2013

Glass brings the precision of Internet advertising to the physical world. Imagine a Glass-clad consumer walking down the street, passing virtual coupons on storefronts. In theory, this person could see the faces of friends who like the store. If the individual passes a bar, she could command Glass to locate friends nearby or tweet out her location along with the photo of the bar.

While it’s not now possible do many of these things on Glass, the foundation is there. Indeed, the biggest challenges Google faces with Glass are not technological, but social — Glass resistance is already spreading.

“Glass will help enable face-to-face virtual storefronts,” Hill said. “Because the device is hands free, a store clerk is now able to open a Google+ Hangout, invite in customers via their webcam or mobile device, and give them a point-of-view tour of the products in the aisles.”

Glass also holds the potential for employers to literally see the world through the eyes of their employees. “The introduction of Glass is undoubtedly a milestone in the evolution of human-computer interaction,” said Matt Mankins, chief technology officer at Fast Company. “Just as cell phones kept businesses in touch with distant employees, Glass promises to keep business processes and data in-step with individual workers.

… the real significance of Glass is how it connects us to an “Internet of Things,” a world in which all the objects around us are able to share data in real-time.

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