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Generating Data

Source: MIT Technology Review, May 2013 A typical American office worker produces 1.8 million megabytes of data each year. That is about 5,000 megabytes a day, including downloaded movies, Word files, e-mail, and the bits generated by computers as that … Continue reading

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Amazon Personalizes Recommendations

Source: TechCrunch, Aug 2013 Amazon has been particularly focused over the past few years on extending its personalization features for its sellers on the marketplace, both on the front-end consumer experience and on the backend. we think about customers in … Continue reading

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Google Glass for Medical Sharing

Source: NYTimes, Aug 2013 The camera, it turns out, was the most immediate draw for the roughly two dozen users I spoke to. It’s the simplest thing to do with the device, and everyone experimented avidly with the new angles … Continue reading

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Collective Productivity via Intellectual Collective

Source: Engadget, May 2013 Starner’s term for augmented reality simply referred to “information you can use while you’re doing other things.” For Starner, these applications aren’t nearly as compelling as a system that quickly provides information when you need it … Continue reading

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Serendipity is too important to be left to chance

Source: MIT, May 1996 Intellectual Collectives Through Use of the Remembrance Agent The Remembrance Agent The benefits of the Remembrance Agent (RA) are many. First, the RA provides timely information. If writing a paper, the RA might suggest relevant references. … Continue reading

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Thad Starner: Google Glass & Wearable Computing

Source: MIT Technology Review, Jun 2013 I believe if we reduce the time between intention and action, it causes a major change in what you can do, period. When you actually get it down to two seconds, it’s a different … Continue reading

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Source: WSJ, Aug 2013 The best way to get ready for this new setup is to take a look at what works in crowd funding right now, say entrepreneurs and experts. There are time-tested strategies that help a money-raising campaign … Continue reading

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