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Generating Data

Source: MIT Technology Review, May 2013 A typical American office worker produces 1.8 million megabytes of data each year. That is about 5,000 megabytes a day, including downloaded movies, Word files, e-mail, and the bits generated by computers as that … Continue reading

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Amazon Personalizes Recommendations

Source: TechCrunch, Aug 2013 Amazon has been particularly focused over the past few years on extending its personalization features for its sellers on the marketplace, both on the front-end consumer experience and on the backend. we think about customers in … Continue reading

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Google Glass for Medical Sharing

Source: NYTimes, Aug 2013 The camera, it turns out, was the most immediate draw for the roughly two dozen users I spoke to. It’s the simplest thing to do with the device, and everyone experimented avidly with the new angles … Continue reading

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Collective Productivity via Intellectual Collective

Source: Engadget, May 2013 Starner’s term for augmented reality simply referred to “information you can use while you’re doing other things.” For Starner, these applications aren’t nearly as compelling as a system that quickly provides information when you need it … Continue reading

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Serendipity is too important to be left to chance

Source: MIT, May 1996 Intellectual Collectives Through Use of the Remembrance Agent The Remembrance Agent The benefits of the Remembrance Agent (RA) are many. First, the RA provides timely information. If writing a paper, the RA might suggest relevant references. … Continue reading

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Thad Starner: Google Glass & Wearable Computing

Source: MIT Technology Review, Jun 2013 I believe if we reduce the time between intention and action, it causes a major change in what you can do, period. When you actually get it down to two seconds, it’s a different … Continue reading

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Source: WSJ, Aug 2013 The best way to get ready for this new setup is to take a look at what works in crowd funding right now, say entrepreneurs and experts. There are time-tested strategies that help a money-raising campaign … Continue reading

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Suggestions for MSFT’s Transformation

Source: WSJ, Aug 2013 Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of global product development at General Motors Co. The next Microsoft leader should either be a so-called product guy—or he should be someone who deeply appreciates and will give the product people the … Continue reading

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Fixing MSFT’s Culture

Source: WSJ, Aug 2013 Whoever succeeds Mr. Ballmer at Microsoft will face the challenge of rebooting its corporate culture, in which charting the safe but profitable course—at least for the short term—too often wins out over innovation, say current and … Continue reading

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MSFT: The Pre-Eminent Technology Company

Source: Seattle Times, Sep 2012 Q: Where do you see Microsoft’s position in five years, 10 years? A: First of all, I’d say: pre-eminent technology company. I think that in a back-looking view, people would say we were a software … Continue reading

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