Google Glass Allows Google Brain

Source: VentureBeat, Aug 2013

The architecture presented by Google for Google Glass is simple yet extremely powerful. It clearly makes Google the mediator of the user experience while the user wears and interacts with Google Glass.

… it is intending to add a layer of intelligence to the whole process to foster relevance and avoid creepiness.

By forcing every service to pass through Google before hitting Google Glass, Google is able to leverage everything it knows about you and your interests on top of a contextual layer (Google Glass is essentially a mobile device that you carry with you and is constantly on) to boost content and functionality relevance.

… a real external brain would be that one that can help you make decisions by collecting information around you and taking what it knows about you and your behavior. Google

Glass and its big Google brain is a better contender to be our external eyes and external brain and the augmenter of our experiences in an intelligent way.

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