Thad Starner: Google Glass & Wearable Computing

Source: MIT Technology Review, Jun 2013

I believe if we reduce the time between intention and action, it causes a major change in what you can do, period. When you actually get it down to two seconds, it’s a different way of thinking, and that’s powerful. And so I believe, and this is what a lot of people believe in academia right now, that these on-body devices are really the next revolution in computing.

What other applications would you like to see Glass have in the future?

I’ll tell you one thing I found compelling early on—this is something from 1993, called the Remembrance Agent. Imagine that as you’re, say, writing up this article, as you’re typing along, it pulls up articles from your past, or notes from your past, that might be relevant to what you’re currently typing. Having something that’s continually watching what you’re typing that will help pull up your past memories is really surprisingly powerful.


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