Growth Hacking

Source: Peter Thomson website, Aug 2013

  1. Run an active blog with social media strategy, advice and news.
  2. Send people back to your blog from social media / forums / other blogs (to read your posts).
  3. Once they’re on your blog, build your long-term readership by getting them to subscribe to your mailing list (by offering a free download of some sort – maybe a short “social media blueprint” or something like that – advertised on the sidebar and below each post, could also do a pop-up?).
  4. You can then contact your mailing list each time you publish new posts and articles (for to get email opens, think “curiosity-baiting” and “shock”) so they go regularly go back to your blog, where your book is advertised (sidebar ad, plus mentioned in your posts from time to time).
  5. You could also consider promoting affiliate offers on your blog too (other social media courses, internet marketing courses, tools etc) for commissions.


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