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Current AR focuses upon Actual Reality

Source: TechCrunch, Nov 2013 … essentially with Junaio Mirage – which is really a prototype right now – when you put on Google Glass or other wearable devices you can see any of the content of Junaio in your real environment. … Continue reading

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Wearables to Improve Sports Coaching

Source: Forbes, Nov 2013 In a sport where speed and aggression rule, instantaneous understanding of what’s taking place on the field literally changes the game. What’s more, real-time data turns the concept of practice and training on its head. Coaches … Continue reading

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Google Glass

Source: WSJ, Nov 2013 the eyeware industry and Google see a broader market for the technology, the Internet search giant is exploring ideas with at least one eyewear company to put the device in optometry offices around the country and … Continue reading

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Cornell Online Executive Education

Source: VentureBeat, Nov 2013 Cornell University announced the launch of an online corporate training program called Redshift that aims to make high quality executive education more affordable and practical for businesses of all sizes. Redshift is a subscription-based educational program that offers … Continue reading

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T&D Industry (2012): $292B Global, $131B US

Source: Training Industry, date indeterminate Global Spend (USD) North America (USD) Rest of World (USD) Annual Growth Rate 2012 $291.7B $131.3B $160.4B 2.0% 2011 $286.0B $128.7B $157.3B 5.5% 2010 $271.1B $122.0B $149.1B 10.9% 2009 $244.4B $110.0B $134.4B -17.3% 2008 $295.6B $133.0B … Continue reading

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Walking and Using Google Glass Simultaneously

Source: FastCo Design, Nov 2013 … a study of people walking and considering their visual displays at the same time. The participants used the head display to perform two types of tasks. One was a memory task that asked test participants … Continue reading

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Strategy Positioning for Startups

Source: VentureBeat, Nov 2013 most startups are trying to ressegment existing markets or create new markets. How do you diagram that? What if the basis of competition in market creation is really the intersection of multiple existing markets? Or what if … Continue reading

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Curated Experiences

Source: Forbes, Nov 2013 “The easiest way to create sharability is to give people an experience,” Different people respond to different learning approaches. But why is it that most marketing focuses only on the first two passive modes? Companies have … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality Market (2018 projections)

Source: VentureBeat, Nov 2013

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ION Glasses

Source: Business Insider, Nov 2013 ION Glasses, a startup currently raising $60,000 on IndieGogo, sounds like the perfect smart eyewear.  Just like Google Glass, ION Glasses interacts with your smartphone and tablet. ION Glasses comes in three models: regular, prescription, and sunglasses … Continue reading

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