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Buffer’s Open Salaries

Source: Buffer website, Dec 2013 The salary formula Salary = job type X seniority X experience + location (+ $10K if salary choice) job type = base happiness hero = $45,000 content crafter = $50,000 engineer = $60,000 designer = … Continue reading

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Strategy Positioning for Startups

Source: VentureBeat, Nov 2013 most startups are trying to ressegment existing markets or create new markets. How do you diagram that? What if the basis of competition in market creation is really the intersection of multiple existing markets? Or what if … Continue reading

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Curated Experiences

Source: Forbes, Nov 2013 “The easiest way to create sharability is to give people an experience,” Different people respond to different learning approaches. But why is it that most marketing focuses only on the first two passive modes? Companies have … Continue reading

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ION Glasses

Source: Business Insider, Nov 2013 ION Glasses, a startup currently raising $60,000 on IndieGogo, sounds like the perfect smart eyewear.  Just like Google Glass, ION Glasses interacts with your smartphone and tablet. ION Glasses comes in three models: regular, prescription, and sunglasses … Continue reading

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Social Learning and Sharing

Source: Businessweek, Sep 2013 Declara’s technology watches all these interactions. It learns whom people tend to turn to for, say, complex physics questions, and which teachers seem to produce high test scores quarter after quarter. The software can search and … Continue reading

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Warby Parker and Competitors

Source: Mashable, Sep 2013 A 2011 study reveals that, while 28% of people consult the Internet to make decisions about eyewear, in 2014 4% of prescription glasses will be purchased outside a traditional setting (up from 1.7% in 2007). The study also … Continue reading

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US$9 Billion Luxottica Sells about 73 million pairs of eyewear (2012)

Source: Forbes, Jul 2013 Luxottica produced 46.6 million sunglasses and 26.1 million prescription frames (it does not make prescription lenses.) Then it sold them through one of its 7,000 retail stores like Sunglasses Hut, Pearle Vision or LensCrafters around the globe. … Continue reading

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Seeing & Reading with Vision Systems

Source: NYTimes, Jun 2013 … the OrCam device is a small camera worn in the style of Google Glass, connected by a thin cable to a portable computer designed to fit in the wearer’s pocket. The system clips on to … Continue reading

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Visually Matching Fashion Outfits to their Sources

Source: PSFK, Jun 2013 Users can take pictures of an outfit they like and upload it to the Snap Fashion app, which will trawl through retailer’s inventories to find the closest match.

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Founder Friendly Term Sheet

Source: Sam Altman blog, May 2013

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