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Google Acquires Nest for $3.2 Billion

Source:  NYTimes, Jan 2014 Google and Nest: Two Companies in the Business of Understanding You Rather than thermostats, Nest’s key technologies were described by Mr. Fadell in an interview last November as “communications, algorithms, sensors and user experience, running over a network … Continue reading

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ION Glasses

Source: Business Insider, Nov 2013 ION Glasses, a startup currently raising $60,000 on IndieGogo, sounds like the perfect smart eyewear.  Just like Google Glass, ION Glasses interacts with your smartphone and tablet. ION Glasses comes in three models: regular, prescription, and sunglasses … Continue reading

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Warby Parker and Competitors

Source: Mashable, Sep 2013 A 2011 study reveals that, while 28% of people consult the Internet to make decisions about eyewear, in 2014 4% of prescription glasses will be purchased outside a traditional setting (up from 1.7% in 2007). The study also … Continue reading

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Social Shopping

Source: NYTimes, Aug 2013 The Web has yet to duplicate the real-world feel of a mall, where shoppers can pop in and out of multiple stores, easily browsing racks of clothing, display cases of jewelry and shelves of housewares. And … Continue reading

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Using Data and Algorithms to Recommend Fashion Products

Source: TechCrunch, Aug 2013 Chicago-based StyleSeek has raised $750,000 more in pre-Series A funding for its e-commerce recommendations service for lifestyle products, which is today primarily focused on men’s and women’s fashion. Though the service competes with a number of product aggregators … Continue reading

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Pinterest Model

Source: TechCrunch, Jul 2013 Pinterest has five big projects its working on: Building The Interest Graph:  Unlike other social networks, Jenkins says that “Pinterest isn’t fundamentally about connecting people to other people. It’s about connecting people to interests.” For years … Continue reading

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Pinterest Visuals Can Drive Sales

Source: HBR, Jul 2013 (great read!) … social media sends more customers into stores than the Internet pulls out: 1 in 5 Pinterest users has bought something in a store after pinning or liking it on Pinterest, and 1 in 3 Pinterest users … Continue reading

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