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Buffer’s Open Salaries

Source: Buffer website, Dec 2013 The salary formula Salary = job type X seniority X experience + location (+ $10K if salary choice) job type = base happiness hero = $45,000 content crafter = $50,000 engineer = $60,000 designer = … Continue reading

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Strategy Positioning for Startups

Source: VentureBeat, Nov 2013 most startups are trying to ressegment existing markets or create new markets. How do you diagram that? What if the basis of competition in market creation is really the intersection of multiple existing markets? Or what if … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality Market (2018 projections)

Source: VentureBeat, Nov 2013

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ION Glasses

Source: Business Insider, Nov 2013 ION Glasses, a startup currently raising $60,000 on IndieGogo, sounds like the perfect smart eyewear.  Just like Google Glass, ION Glasses interacts with your smartphone and tablet. ION Glasses comes in three models: regular, prescription, and sunglasses … Continue reading

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Using Data and Algorithms to Recommend Fashion Products

Source: TechCrunch, Aug 2013 Chicago-based StyleSeek has raised $750,000 more in pre-Series A funding for its e-commerce recommendations service for lifestyle products, which is today primarily focused on men’s and women’s fashion. Though the service competes with a number of product aggregators … Continue reading

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Flextronics has an Accelerator Program

Source: Flextronics website, Jul 2013 Flextronics established the Lab IX Accelerator Program to support early stage disruptive technology companies incorporating hardware and software innovation. Lab IX program participants gain access to our global end-to-end supply chain solutions, wealth of experience … Continue reading

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Pinterest Visuals Can Drive Sales

Source: HBR, Jul 2013 (great read!) … social media sends more customers into stores than the Internet pulls out: 1 in 5 Pinterest users has bought something in a store after pinning or liking it on Pinterest, and 1 in 3 Pinterest users … Continue reading

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