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Stephen Wolfram

Source: MIT Technology Review, May 2013 You coined this term “personal analytics.” What does it mean? There’s organizational analytics, which is looking at an organization and trying to understand what the data says about its operation. Personal analytics is what … Continue reading

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Memoto – Life Logging

Source: MIT Technology Review, May 2013 Just 36 by 36 by 9 millimeters, the inconspicuous plastic camera has a lot crammed inside. The most important component is a five-megapixel image sensor originally designed for mobile phones. An ARM 9 processor … Continue reading

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Visually Matching Fashion Outfits to their Sources

Source: PSFK, Jun 2013 Users can take pictures of an outfit they like and upload it to the Snap Fashion app, which will trawl through retailer’s inventories to find the closest match.

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Evaluating Startups

Source: Business Insider, May 2013

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Culture Matters: Netflix and HubSpot

Source: Slideshare, date indeterminate Click on the images for the source presentations

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Online Learning for Specialized Skills

Source: NYTimes, Mar 2013 … online learning companies have carved out a lucrative niche in courses on design, photography and other creative pursuits. CreativeLive, and others have tapped into an audience of customers who are highly motivated to hone skills that … Continue reading

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Different Ideas for Using Google Glass

Source: Read Write Web, Mar 2013 Enhancing Surgery With Augmented Reality Revolutionizing Higher Education  Enhancing Less Formal, More Hands-On Learning Augmented Reality Gaming Overcoming Disabilities Stargazing Healthier Living  Reconnecting With History  Augmented Reality Art Real-Time Language Translation 

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